The Sharpe Law Firm choose Capes & Powers technology services for the personalized service and outstanding knowledge of our business needs. Capes & Powers offered simple affordable way for us to get the services we need. Prior to working with Capes & Powers we were never confident that we could get a timely response to our immediate needs, we were paying premium pricing but did not receive premium service. Capes & Powers worked with us to understand our priorities and provide us with the network support we need for our business to run smoothly and without interruption. Capes & Powers staff is always there for us, alerting us to trouble before it happens, making recommendations to protect our systems from vulnerabilities harm. They have helped us implement methods to secure our data. The service we have received over years has been nothing short of excellent. Their staff were willing to work with us and learn about some of our more exclusive software issues. Their willingness to customize their services to our specific needs was tantamount to our decision to change IT service providers. The Sharpe Law Firm has many unique technology needs in our legal practice and Capes & Powers has risen to meet our needs and has offered creative solutions for our business. We couldn’t be more pleased with our IT service, which is not something we had been able to say in the past. With Capes & Powers all our technology needs are taken care of.

Sharpe Law Firm