We’ve been loyal clients of TJ and his team at Capes and Powers for nearly 2 years. Before TJ, we solely relied on personal knowledge or fixing problems as they arise. Capes and Powers stand apart from other IT companies for a number of reasons. TJ helped us streamline our communication systems (phones and computers) and we saw major improvements within a matter of weeks. Secondly, when TJ helped set up our second location in June 2015, his team dealt with extremely short deadlines and was able to accomplish the task with ease. TJ did such a thorough job the first time around we’ve had to change very little since their initial set up! Finally, TJ and his team strive to be as reachable as possible. We have reached out before 6 o’clock in the morning and have not only gotten a hold of someone but they have sent a team member to our site within 30 minutes of our request. We highly recommend Capes and Powers for your company’s technological needs. No system is too easy or too complex for them!

Lyra Anderson
Play Dog Play LLC