Human Resources and IT. Why they matter

Human Resources and IT. Why they matter

Most small businesses and large companies as well don’t always think to use HR and IT until they feel the pain. Generally, we don’t receive calls saying hello and thanks for your work but to find a solution for a current problem. There is pain in the work place you are experiencing.

From the human resources side, which is this articles focus, there has arisen favoritism concerns in the workplace, or someone thinks they are getting less pay and vacation time than others, their peers. No one understands the sick leave policy or the vacation policy or the PTO (PAID TIME OFF) policy which combines sick and vacation time, to name a few issues. They may be correct and there may be a reason.

Take the time and explain the reasons. Then be seamless and fix the concern. We are all conflict avoidant. Don’t you be too. Confront the problem and move on. If there are reasons for inconsistencies than give an answer that indicates you shall investigate the root cause and share the findings with them. Give yourself enough time to do the research but do the research and respond to the employee and everyone in the organization. Have monthly all staff meetings or monthly shift meetings. Share your company’s story. Everyone wants the inside scoop.

We always like to say “get it right the first time” and we do much of the time. The back end of operations though is often gray. Make it less gray. Make it black and white and then use your position power to make individual allowances.

Write a policy guidebook. Most people call it a handbook but really it is the legal requirements laid out that you are obligated to comply with. Other guidelines in the guidebook lay out what your staff may and should expect and know that they will receive from you.

You can find free handbooks/guide books online. Google them. You can also hire an organization that will charge you a fee. Know what you are getting for this fee. You can do all of this yourself of course but a fee for service from a HR professional should result in a handbook/guidebook, an audit of personnel files and setting up these files if they do not exist or correcting problems that do exist.

You should have three files for each employee. Personnel file, Medical file, and an I-9 file or binder. The organization you hire should have interviews with employees before writing the document to understand what works and what doesn’t work; to understand the culture, and memorialize this information in the guidebook.

If we can assist we would welcome this opportunity in whatever format works for you; referrals to resources, doing the work or just listening to the challenges and giving some options. We are pleased to provide Capes and Powers clients a no charge consultation of 30 minutes.

Bryon S. Peterson
HR Group International 206-947-4905