Backup, Failover & Disaster Recovery

Because every business needs a Plan B

User errors, hardware failure, and natural calamities -- these are just a few disasters that can bring down your IT systems. They result in the loss of your company’s money and reputation. But Capes & Powers’s Backup, Failover & Disaster Recovery prevents that from happening. We back up all your critical data in secure, remote locations while keeping eyes on them 24x7. And if disaster strikes, rest assured that our rapid recovery program will put you back on track in no time.

There's an earthquake that caused an unexpected pipe to break, causing water to flood your entire office. Most computers and all Servers are destroyed. Now what??

With many BDRs managed Capes & Powers your entire team could continue working from your fail-over cloud.

Backup, Failover & Disaster Recovery from Capes & Powers gives you:

  • Continuous backup - any file changes are uploaded instantly so you can recover them whenever you need
  • State-of-the-art data centers - situated in multiple locations to mitigate risks
  • Rapid recovery - we’ll put you up and running again in no time

Recovery Time Calculator