HaaS/SaaS - Leasing

Get rid of outdated technology

Do you think buying new sets of hardware and software that will become obsolete over time is cost-ineffective? Are you tired of having to do all the upgrades and maintenance yourself? If the answer is yes, your business should shift to the Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) models.

With Capes & Powers’s HaaS/SaaS - Leasing, you pay only a monthly fee for the hardware and software you use. Included in the service, we also take care of the installation, maintenance, upgrades, and provide you with ongoing support. Now it’s time to enjoy the latest version of hardware and software at the price you can afford.

With Capes & Powers’s HaaS/SaaS - Leasing, you’ll get:

  • No upfront costs - no need to buy hardware and software outright
  • Maintenance and upgrades - you’ll enjoy the benefits of technology without IT hassles
  • Better security - since hardware and software are always up to date